List Of 65+ Wonderful Baby Names That Mean Miracle For Your Blessed Baby

Baby Names Means Miracle

Looking for names that mean a miracle for your little blessing? Find inspiring baby names that mean miracle or blessings for boys and girls here.

Each child is a miracle in himself and each parent wants his child to have a name that suits his personality and that will stay with him for life. To get out of this arduous task and make it effortless, we have a compilation of boy and girl names that mean miracle.

When a baby comes into the world, many parents regard the experience as a small miracle. Most families would describe their newborn as a blessing.

A new addition to the family seems miraculous. As blessed as parents may feel, they can count on that feeling when choosing a baby name for their little bundle of joy.

Names that mean “miracle” or “blessing” can work for boys or girls. It would be a name that would be a constant reminder of how loved and appreciated your child truly is.

It goes without saying that every beautiful and newborn baby is a miracle. So whether you are looking for girl names that mean precious or boy names that mean miracle, we’ve put together this list of names that will let your newcomer know how much they mean to you.

There are many divine options for miracle baby names. You can also search for names associated with the present, hope, peace, or love of God. You can look to the Bible or whatever religious literature you follow for inspiration.

With that in mind, here is a varied collection of beautiful baby names, each of which means “miracle” or “blessed.” Because all babies are miraculous gifts.

These are some of the most beautiful names that mean “blessing” or “miracle” below.

Baby Names That Mean Miracle For Little Baby Blessing.

Baby Boy Names That Means Miracle
Baby Boy Names That Means Miracle

Baby Boy Names Meaning Blessing Or Miracle

Try these boy names that mean “blessing” or “miracle” for your child.

AaronHebrew name that means “miraculous”
AnselGerman name meaning “with divine protection or follower of a noblemen”
Ascher/AsherHebrew name meaning “miracle” or “blessing”
BarackSwahili for “blessing”
Benedictderived from Latin name, Benedictus, means “blessed”
BooneFrench for “a blessing”
ChazonHebrew for “prophecy, revelation”
EijazArabic for miracle
ElijahHebrew name for ”Yahweh the God”
EnderTurkish name meaning “very rare”
IanGaelic name meaning “Gift from the Lord”
JesseWelsh name for “Blessed”
JosephHebrew for “to increase”
LoretoItalian for “Miraculous”
LeviHebrew for “Joined, attached”
MatthewHebrew for “Miracle of the Lord”
MikelleLatin for “Gift from God”
MilagroSpanish origin name meaning “Wonder”
MosesEgyptian origin name for “delivered from water”
NathanielHebrew name meaning “God has given”
NeoTwainian for “Gift”
OswaldOld English for “Divine power”
RevelOld English for “festivity, tumult”
ThaddeusAramaic for “Gift from God”
TheoGreek meaning “Divine gift”
ZebadiahGreek for “God’s gift”
baby girl names that means miracle
baby girl names that means miracle

Baby Girl Names Meaning Blessing Or Miracle

Here are girl names that mean “miracle” or “blessing” for your little girl.

AaliyahArabic name for “Heavens, highborn, exalted”
AbigailHebrew for “Gives joy”
AgnesGreek for “Pure”
AmariAmerican name for “Miracle”
AyahArabic name for “Miracle”
BeatrixLatin name for “She who brings happiness”; “Blessed”
BehatiAfrican name for “Blessed:
CelestineName with Latin origin meaning ”Heavenly”
DeannaEnglish for “Divine”
DesireeFrench mean “So long hoped for”
ElishaHebrew origin name meaning “God is my salvation”
EveHebrew for “to live”
FatimaArabic name for “Captivating, a woman who abstains”
GenevieveFrench for “One who can do miracles”; “blessing of God”
GiaItalian name for “God’s gracious gift”
GwynethWelsh name for “Blessed”
IvaHebrew for “Gift from god”
JaneHebrew for “God is merciful”
JessicaHebrew name for “blessed”
KarishamaIndian for “Miracle”
MarvelFrench for “Miracle”
MaximaLatin for “Miracle worker”
MicahHebrew for “Who is like god”
MiraLatin name for “Marvel”
MiracleWord name
MireyaSpanish name for “Miracle”
MirabeiHindi meaning “Wonderful”
MirielleFrench name for “Miraculous”
NadiraArabic origin name for “Precious, rare”
Nasya/Nassa/NessaHebrew name for “Miracle”
OrellaLatin for “Announcement for gods, oracle”
SachiJapanese name for “Miracle”
SenaldaSpanish for “A sign”
PeliaHebrew for “Miracle of God”
TiffanyGreek for “God’s appearance”
WinifredWelsh name for “Blessed peacemaking”; “Holy”
DorotheaDorothea is a very romantic name that comes from a Victorian origin. It simply means a miracle.
GwynethGwyneth is a Welsh name that means blessed. The name has been derived from the English language and is becoming more and more popular with the Americans.
KeemayaThis name comes from the Indian origin and means a miracle, divine or magic. It is a very unique name that sounds amazing. It is one of the most popular miracle girl names.
MilagrosThis is a lovely Spanish name. It might sound old, but it is still trendy in Hispanic communities. It simply means miracles.
WinifredWinifred originates from the Welsh name that means blessed pace making or one who is miraculous.
SachiSachi comes from the Japanese origin and is considered short for the name Sachiko. The name simply means a miracle and definitely has an international feel to it.

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