The 100+ best Christmas names for boys and girls inspired by the holiday season

christmas names

Christmas names remind everyone of the magic of Christmas and winter. Bring the joy of Christmas inspiration all year round with these festive baby names.

Welcome to the most beautiful time of the year! When cold air hits and fresh snow falls, it means Christmas is coming!

Imagine bright lights, festive decorations, Christmas carols and the joy that the holiday season brings. If you are religious, Christmas has an even deeper meaning for you with the birth of Jesus Christ.

If you are pregnant and planning to have a baby in December, you may be considering some Christmas inspired names. With a few more gifts under the Christmas tree, you might be looking forward to the arrival of your own Christmas miracle! Or maybe you just want to celebrate the magic of Christmas all year round!

For starters, you can take inspiration from the Bible or traditional Christmas figurines. You might consider winter scenes or names with meaning related to Christmas.

good names for Christmas
good names for Christmas

What are some good names for Christmas?

America’s Top 100 includes Christmas baby names like Ivy, Eve, Stella, Natalie, Holly, Josephine, Mary, Lucia and Angela for girls.

What about a boy? Theodore is high on the list, along with Pax, Nicholas, Joseph, Christian, Christopher, Bennett and Angel.

All of these Christmas names have a strong association with the peace and joy of the holiday season.

Start with the list of Christmas baby names below and see if any of them “ring a bell”.

What Is a Good Name for Christmas?

There are a variety of great Christmas names for your baby. If you’re having a baby in December, or just want the name to reflect Christmas, consider the inspiration for this winter vacation. Popular Christmas names include Noel / Noelle, Angel / Angela, Mary / Maria, Joseph, Carol, etc. You can also try modern Christmas names like Candi / Candy, Rudolph, Ivy, December, Juniper, etc. There are also Christmas inspired names for that naughty Christmas related thing like peace and happiness.

Festive Christmas Names Inspired by the Holiday

Christmas Cute Baby Girl Names

Christmas Cute Baby Girl Names
Christmas Cute Baby Girl Names
Angel, Angelina, Angelicaall names for angel
AveryElf King
Bell, Bella, Bellebeauty
Beth, Bethany, BethennyAs in Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born
Candi, Candy, KandiAs in Candy Cane, or Christmas candies
Carol, Carolle, CarolinaAs in Christmas carol
Christina, Christinefollower of Christ
DecemberThe month of Christmas
Dorothy, DorotheaGift from God
DoveAs in the bird
EmmanuelleGod is with us
Faithfrom the word ‘faith’
GraceEloquence, kindness, favor
GingerAs in gingerbread, meaning: pure
HermioneThe messenger
Hollyfrom holly tree
Hopefrom the word ‘hope’
Ivyplant seen around Christmas
Joyfrom the word ‘joy’
Juniperyoung; evergreen
Mary, Maria, Miriamwished for child
Meri, MerryMirthful; Joyful
MichaelaFemale version of Michael, which means “who is like God”
Natalie, Nataliaborn on Christmas Day
Natashaborn on Christmas Day
Nevawhite snow
NicoleAs in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people
Noelle, NoellaChristmas
Robin, Robynbright fame
Serephina, SerefineAngel; Fiery
Star, StarrRepresenting the star followed to find Jesus
Stella, Estella, EstelleRepresenting the star followed to find Jesus
TheodoraGift from God
WinterFrom the word ‘Winter’

Best Christmas Baby Boy Names

Best Christmas Baby Boy Names
Best Christmas Baby Boy Names
Alfred, AlfredoChristmas elf
Balthazarone of the three kings
Cane, KaneAs in candy cane, meaning: warrior
Caspar, Gaspar, Jasparone of the three kings
Christian, Christopher, Cristobalfollower of Christ
ClausAs in, Santa Claus; meaning: people’s victory
Eldan, Eldenfrom the elves valley
EmmanuelGod is with us
Felixlucky; successful
GabrielFrom the angel Gabriel, meaning: God is my strength
Jack, JaxAs in Jack Frost, from the name John, meaning: God is gracious
JesusGod will help
JosephGod shall add, as in Mary and Joseph
Malachi, MalakaiGod’s messenger
NoelChristmas; Angel
NicholasAs in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people
Pax, Paxtonpeace
Rudolph, RudyAs in the red-nosed reindeer!
TannonFrom the Christmas carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’
TheodoreGift from God
YulFrom the word Yule meaning Christmas

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