101+ Sweet And Adorable Baby Names That Means Love

Boy Names That Mean Love

Are you looking for names that signify love for your beloved child? Check out these beautiful names which mean love for your dear baby.

Some parents choose names for their babies well in advance of their scheduled time. Others may need more time, as choosing a name for your child can be overwhelming. There are so many options and this name is more or less permanent for your child.

Remember that there will be a lot of love for this new baby. So, maybe you can find inspiration for the names in the concept of “love”.

Love brings together so many things. Love makes us happy. Love is a beautiful and powerful thing. The love between father and son is unlike any other.
Love is always a wonderful meaning for a name, and there are baby names that mean love for girls and boys in all languages ​​and styles, including Welsh Rhys and Spanish Blackberry.

Along with Rhys and Amora, other names that mean love in America’s Top 1000 include David, Esme, Jedidiah, Lennon, Mila, Philip, and Esme. Names that mean love or loved in other languages ​​include Carys, Querida, Rudo, and Sajan.

Included here are names that mean love, names that mean loved, names that mean desire, names that mean heart, and even names that mean beautiful. Here all our names with meanings of love for boys and girls.

There are many ways of saying “love”, depending on the language and culture. There are love names for girls AND for boys. For names that mean love, check out the list below for some eye-catching inspiration.

Last Names That Mean Love
Last Names That Mean Love

Sweet And Cute Baby Names That Means Love, With Meanings

Boys Names That Mean Love
Boys Names That Mean Love

Best Boy Names That Mean Love

AmadeusLatin name for lover of God
AmadoSpanish name for loved
AmatoItalian name for dearly loved; beloved
AmatusRoman name for beloved
AmiasLatin name for loved
AzizArabic name for powerful, respected, beloved
CaradocWelsh name for amiable; affection
CarwynWelsh name for blessed love
ChavivHebrew name for loved one
ConnellyIrish name for love; friendship
ConorIrish name for lover of wolves; lover of hounds
CorwinEnglish name for friend of the hart
DarielEnglish name for loved one; open
DarrellEnglish name for dear one; beloved
DavidHebrew name for beloved
DavidHebrew name beloved
DesiSpanish name for desired one
DidierFrench name for beloved; desired
ErasmusGreek name for desired; beloved
HabibMuslim name for loved one
HartFrom the word heart
JananArabic name for heart; soul
JedediahHebrew name for beloved of the Lord
KieferGaelic name for handsome; beloved
Lennan/LennonGaelic name for lover; sweetheart
LevHebrew name for heart
MilosSlavic name for beloved
ObiAfrican name for heart
African name for heartGreek name for lover of horses
SajanHindi name for beloved
ValentinLatin name for healthy; strong; St. Valentine
Girl Names That Mean Love
Girl Names That Mean Love

Cute Girls Names That Mean Love

Philippa/Pippa/PippiGreek name for lover of horses
PhilomenaGreek name for lover of strength
PriyaSanskrit name for beloved
QueridaSpanish name for beloved
SiranArmenian name for sweet love
SukiJapanese name for loved one
TivonaHebrew name for love’s nature
ValentinaLatin name for healthy; strong; St. Valentine
Venusloved one; beloved; Roman goddess of love, beauty, and spring
VidaHebrew and Scottish name for beloved
YaretziAztec name for you will always be loved
AdelphaGreek name for beloved sister
AhavaHebrew name for love
AikoJapanese name for beloved child
AmadaSpanish name for loved
AmadeaLatin name for God’s beloved
AmalaArabic name for beloved; bird
AmiaFrench named for dearly loved; beloved
Amy/AimeeFrench name for beloved
AmandineFrench name for lovable
AmataFrench, Latin, Spanish name for beloved; lovable
AmorisLatin name for love
AvilaGerman name for desired
AzizaArabic name for powerful, respected, beloved
Cara/CarinaLatin name for cherished; beloved; pure
CariadWelsh name for love
Caris/Carys/KerisWelsh name for love; grace
CaritaWelsh name for beloved
CaronWelsh name for loving; kindhearted
CarwenWelsh name for blessed love
CherFrench name for beloved
CherelleFrench name for beloved
French name for belovedEnglish name for dear one; darling
CordeliaLatin; Celtic name for heart
DarielaEnglish name for dear one; beloved
DarlaEnglish name for darling
DarleneEnglish name for tenderly love
DavidaHebrew name for beloved
DesireeFrench name for desired
EshaSanskrit name for desired
EsmeFrench name for esteemed; beloved
FemiEgyptian name for love
HabibaMuslim name for beloved; darling; sweetheart
HaliaHawaiian name for remembrance of a loved one
ImogenGreek name for beloved child
KalilaMuslim name for heart
KamaSanskrit name for desire; love; Hindu God of Love
KaraCornish name for love
KerensaCornish name for love
LibiHebrew name for my heart
LoveFrom the word love
LubaUkrainian name for love
Mabli Meaning: WWelsh name for lovable
MaiteBasque name for love
MaiteaSpanish name for love
MilaSlavic name for dear; love
MilenaCzech name for love and warmth
MinaGerman name for love
MyrnaGaelic name for beloved
Parisfrom the city of love
PhilaGreek name for loving

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