75+ Spectacular And Shining Names For Baby That Mean Star

Baby Names Meaning Star (1)

Looking for names that mean a star to your baby? Check out this stellar list of star names that may be perfect for your little bright light.

Your new baby may seem like a heavenly wish. Naming your newborn baby can be fun for the whole family.

If you love the night sky, outer space, and all things heavenly, names that mean “star” are the perfect options for your baby. From gender-neutral stellar names to beautiful star names for girls and cool names for boys, names with “star” in the meaning are as abundant as the stars in the night sky.

To get inspiration from the names of the stars, you can look at the stars in the sky. There are many options for stellar baby names.

There are many names of stars in different languages ​​and cultures. You can also view the names of the constellations.

There are many names that mean stars for boys and girls. When you want your baby’s name pulled through the stars, the baby names below shine brightly.

Best Shining Baby Names That Mean Star For Brighter Shine

Female Names Meaning Star
Boys Names Meaning Star

Amazing Boy Names That Mean Star

AltairArabic name meaning “falcon”
ArcherGreek name for ‘Strength and power’
AriesLatin name for ram; name of a constellation
Atlasname of a famous Greek Titan
CastorGreek name of the brightest star in Gemini Constellation
CitlatiNative American origin name for “an object of the space and universe”
DracoGreek name for “Dragon”
HesperosGreek name for “Evening”
HokuHawaiian name meaning “Star”
ItriTamazight name for star
JerichoArabic for “City of the moon”
Arabic for “City of the moon”Arabic for “City of the moon”
LeoNamed after a constellation, with Ancient Rome origins
NashEnglish name for “by the ash tree”
NamidOjibwa origin mean meaning “Star dancer”
Oriona name with Greek origins, the brightest constellation in the sky
PrathaIndian for “In the origin”
ReevaHindi for “One who guides people like a river or a star”
SammayIndian for “The beginning”
SaturnLatin, the Roman god of agriculture
ScorpiusLatin name for scorpion; name of a constellation
SiriusLatin for brightest star visible from Earth
SolHebrew name for “sun”
SterlingEnglish name for pure; starling; little star
SutaraIndian for “Holy star”
SiriusLatin for “Brightest star “
TaurusLatin name meaning “Bull”
TarakSanskrit name for “Star, Protector”
ZekeArabic name meaning “Shooting star”
Names Meaning Morning Star
Names Meaning Morning Star

Cute Girl Names That Mean Star

AndromedaGreek name for “Advising like a man”; name of constellation
AltairaArabic name for “Bird”
AmaraIslam name for “Eternal beauty”
AraArabic and Egyptian name for rain bringer; name of a constellation
AstridScandinavian moniker meaning “Gorgeous goddess”
ArielHebrew name for “Lion of the God,”
AsterGreek name for star
AstraLatin name for “of the stars”
AsteriaGreek name for star
AuroraLatin name for dawn; Aurora Borealis is the name of the Northern Lights
BellatrixLatin name for female warrior; one of the stars of the ORION constellation
CarinaItalian name meaning dear, beloved
CelesteFrench for Heavenly
Danica:Slavia for morning star
DaraKhmer name for star
ElannaChristian origin name for “Star sun; Majestic being”
Electra/ElektraGreek name for bright; shining
EstellaSpanish for star
EstherHebrew name for star
GenesisBiblical name meaning “origin”
HaleyHebrew for “Wise one”
IzarBasque name for star
JulietFrench name for “Youthful”
LianaEnglish name for “Daughter of the sun”
Lyrafor the Lyra musical instrument; name of a constellation
LulanaAfrican name for “Shining moon”
MaristelaSpanish name for “Star of the Sea”
MinaMuslim for Starling, Heaven, Glass
MirandaLatin origin name meaning “Worthy of admiration”
NamidNative American for “The Star Dancer”
NevaehHeaven spelled backwards
NovaLatin for “New”
RéaltínIrish name for little star
RoxanaPersian for “Dawn” or “Little Star”
SelinaGreek for “Star in the sky”
SerenWelsh name for star
SidraArabic name for “like a star”
Starword name
StarlaAmerican name for “a star”
StellalunaLatin name for star and moom
TaraIndian for star
TanaGreek origin name for “fire or star god”
Twilafrom the word Twilight
TwilightWord name
VegaLatin for “Falling Star”
VanessaHebrew for star

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