75+ Remarkable Names meaning fire that will glimmer your attention

Names That Mean Fire

Trying to find the best names for fire? Check out this list of fantastic names that mean fire and see if any of them pique your interest.

There are many reasons to name something after the element of fire. Maybe your baby will have a fiery spirit? Or do you know that he or she will be born under the zodiac fire sign of astrology?

The symbol of fire can also be inspiring. Fire (although a little dangerous) can mean light, inspiration, heat. For some, this may be the wisdom or the generating power of life and change.

By lighting or lighting a fire, we take care of our needs and we take care of them. This could be representative of the bond between parent and child.

Whatever your reason for choosing a name inspired by fire, there is sure to be the right fiery name for your new family member.

If you want your child to grow up with passion and determination, consider choosing a name that means fire. Names that signify fire create the impression of a strong and creative individual whether directly or subconsciously, and this can impact your child throughout their life!

Impressive Names That Mean Fire That Will Spark Some Joy

Boy Names That Mean Fire
Boy Names That Mean Fire

Boy Names Meaning Fire

AlevTurkish name for fire
ApolloManly beauty; In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god who drove his fiery chariot (the sun) through the sky.
AzarIranian name for fire
Blaise/BlazeFrom the word ‘blaze’ as in ‘fire blaze’ or ‘blaze of glory
BrandoItalian name for firebrand; sword
BrantleyGerman name for fire
Branton/Brentondweller of the burnt town
ColeAssociated with the word coal, as in charcoal which is used to make fire
Conlethchaste fire
CyrusPersian name for sun
EganIrish name for little fire
FintanIrish name for white fire or white bull
FlintFrom the word ‘flint’, a stone used to make fire
HacoCeltic name for fire; flame
HaganIrish name for little fire
Hakan Native American name for fire
HorusEgyptian name for sun god
Ignacio/Ignatius/InigoFire; Fiery
KaiScottish name for fire
KeahiHawaiian name for flames
KennaFrom Gaelic origins; born of fire
Kennethborn of fire; handsome
LokiNorse trickster god associated with magic and fire
MccoyIrish name of fire
PhoenixA mythical bird that rises from the ashes of flames; dark red
Reese/Rhysardent; fire
SampsonHebrew name for sun
VulcanRoman god of fire
Girl Names That Mean Fire
Girl Names That Mean Fire

Girl Names Meaning Fire

AlintaNoongar name for fire; flame
AnalaHindi name for fire
AngarikaHindi name for flame of the forest
Asterstar; flower
BrenGerman name for flame
mailto:salma@i3media.netIrish goddess of fire and poetry
CalidaSpanish name for heated
DaminiIndian name for lightning
ElectraGreek name for sparkling; fiery sun
Elidigift of the sun
EmberFrom the word ’ember’, a smoldering piece of fire or coal
Emberly/EmberleighDerived from ’ember’; free spirit
HeliaGreek name for sun
Greek name for sunGreek Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
HestiaGreek name for fireside; hearth
IdaliaItalian name for ‘behold the sun’
KalamaHawaiian name for flaming torch
KalindaHindi name for sun
Kindleto set fire
OrianeFrench name for sunrise
SalanaLatin name for sun
Seraphinaardent; fiery
SolanaSpanish name for sunshine
SoleilFrench word for sun
French word for sunstar
TanaGreek name for sun or fire goddess
VestaRoman Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
VestaRoman Mythology, Roman goddess of the hearth
UgnėLithuanian, means “fire”
TanwenWelsh, means “white fire”
StellaItalian, means “star”
PelePolynesian Mythology, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire
NinaQuechua and Aymar, means “fire”
KalamaHawaiian, means “flaming torch”
HurikArmenian, means “small fire”
HeraGreek Mythology, Greek goddess of the hearth
FajraEsperanto, means “fiery”
BridgetIrish, ancient goddess of fire

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