Call Your Loved Ones “Moon” With These 85+ Magnificent Names.

names that mean moon

Thinking about the names that mean the moon to your lunar baby? You will be amazed at these wonderful names which mean moon and which work for a boy or a girl.

Choosing a name for your newborn baby is one of the most important decisions parents make. While some have known the baby’s name for a while, others may need some inspiration. If you are feeling heavenly, you can look at the sky to inspire your child’s nickname.

When looking at space at night, it’s hard not to notice the bright and shining moon. The beauty and wonders of the moon can serve as the perfect starting point to name something.

When you search for moon names, you can find names that mean moon in different languages. You can also find the names of the real moons of different planets.

The moon is steeped in spirituality and science. It is a symbol of mythological gods and goddesses. He is responsible for creating the tides of our ocean. It is used as a compass by so many who have looked to the sky to navigate life on Earth. So, why is a baby name meaning moon right for you? Maybe you like astrology. Maybe you want a name that refers to a universal force that guides all of our ways of being. (No pressure, baby.) Either way, here are our 25 favorite baby names, inspired by that one, the one moon.

Names That Mean Silver Moon
Names That Mean Silver Moon

Magnificent And Amazing Names Meaning “Moon” With Meaning

Boy Names That Mean Moon
Boy Names That Mean Moon

Boy Names That Mean Moon

AinarKazakh name for moon
Aldrinfor astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Armstrongfor astronaut Neil Armstrong
ApolloGreek name for Handsome; can represent the NASA Apollo space mission that put the first humans on the moon
Archeone of the moons of Jupiter
ArtemDerived from Greek goddess of the moon
AtlasGreen name for “to carry”; one of the moons of Saturn
Badar/BaderArabic name for full moon
BadruEgyptian name for born during full moon
BuzzAmerican nickname; for Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut
GalileoGreek name for “from the Galilee”; for the Renaissance Astronomer
HyperionGreek mythology name; of of the moons of Jupiter
JerahHebrew name for “Jehovah has seen”; a lunar month
JerichoArabic name for city of the moon
Kaleone of the moons of Jupiter
KorayTurkish name for ember moon
LuanPortuguese name for moon
ManiNorse mythology name for moon personified
NarviNorse name for narrow; one of the moons of Saturn
NeilGaelic name for champion or cloud; for astronaut Neil Armstrong
Oberonone of the moons of Uranus
QamarArabic name for moon
TritonGreek name for God of the sea; one of the moons of Neptune
TunkayTurkish name for copper moon
VikeshIndian name for moon
Girl Names That Mean Moon
Girl Names That Mean Moon

Girl Names That Mean Moon

AitneGreek name that represents one of the moons of Jupiter
AltaluneLatin name for “over the moon” or “higher than the moon”
AmarisOld Irish name for moon child; Hebrew name for God has given
ArielHebrew name for lion of God; one of the moons of Uranus
ArtemisGreek goddess of the moon
ArunaJapanese name for moon love
AyselTurkish name for moon flood
BiancaLatin name for white; one of the moons of Uranus
CallistoGreek name for most beautiful; one of the moons of Jupiter
Celiminederived from latin and Greek elements of heaven, moon, strength
ChandraHindi name for goddess of the moon
ChantaraThai name for moon water
Charongazing; for one of the moons of Pluto
CrescentFrench name for growing; for the shape of the moon
CynthiaGreek name for goddess of the moon
Devaname of Hindi Moon Goddess
Dianagoddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth; divine; heavenly
DioneGreek name for divine queen; one of the moons of Saturn
ElaraGreek mythology name; one of the moons of Jupiter
EsmerayTurkish name for dark moon
HangVietnamese name for moon
HecateGreek name for willpower; associated with the Greek figure associated with the moon
InduHindi name for moon
JaciNative American name for moon
IoGreek mythology name; one of the moons of Jupiter
LarissaLatin name meaning cheerful; joyful; one of the moons of Neptune
LivianaHebrew name for white moon
LuaPortuguese name for moon
LucineArmenian name for moon
LunaItalian and Spanish name for moon
Lutanaa name for moon in Tasmania
MahinaHawaiian name for moon
MahrukhA Muslim name for “face like the moon”
MelinoeGreek name for color of quince; one of the moon goddesses
MonaOld English Name For Moon
MoonFor the word “Moon”
NeomaGreek name for new moon
NikiniSri Lankan name for full moon in August
NurayTurkish name for bright moon
PurnamaIndonesian name for full moon
SasiThai name for moon
SelenaLatin name for moon goddess
SeleneGreek name for moon goddess
SomaHindu name for lunar nectar
StellalunaLatin name for star and moon
Thebeone of the moons of Jupiter
Baby Names That Mean Moon
Baby Names That Mean Moon

Names That Mean Moonlight

AylaHebrew, Turkish name for moonlight
AylinHebrew, Turkish name for halo of the moon
HalaArabic name for moon halo
KamariaSwahili name for moonlight
MayarArabic name for glow of the moon
ZiraAfrican name for moonlight
Helene“Bright, shining one.” It’s also the name of one of the moons rotating around Saturn.
Esmeray“Dark moon.”
RamachandraRama moon
IlkayThe Turkish has a special affinity with the moon.
jaciIn Tupian languages, Jaci means moon.
LonaThe meaning of the name Lona is unknown.
MahinaMahina is the Hawaiian word for moon.
MahsaMahsa means like the moon in Persian.

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