80+ Pretty Japanese Girl Names (With Meanings)

Japanese Girl Names

Looking for cute and cute Japanese girl names? Here are some unique and popular Japanese name ideas for girls to consider.

Your daughter deserves a beautiful name, as beautiful as she will be. Choosing a baby name for your newborn baby lady is one of the most exciting parts of adding a new family member.

The world has exposed itself to various cultures in recent years. This exhibition made people appreciate and instill the good things of other cultures. Likewise, the West has been exposed to Japanese culture and its uniqueness. Young parents today have developed a great appreciation for beautiful Japanese names, especially for girls.

For a unique look at female first names, you can look at the wonderful country of Japan. Names in Japan tend to represent family, society, nature, and beauty. Japanese names can also have a variety of meanings due to the structure of Japanese characters (kanji).

To honor your Japanese roots or just because you love Japanese culture, you can give your daughter the Japanese first or middle name. Most Japanese baby names for girls like Sakura, Hina, and Yua are beautiful and easy to pronounce in Western countries.

For more Japanese female names, check out the list below. Here are some of the most beautiful and popular Japanese names for your baby girl.

Japanese girl names are mostly bright, lively and sweet, with beautiful meanings derived from nature and spirituality. Japanese parents take their daughters’ names very seriously. Not only must the name be meaningful, but it must also sound smooth. Japanese people make sure their nicknames are beautiful, meaningful and auspicious. This is why these names are gaining attention around the world. Parents who have beautiful daughters want to give their daughters a beautiful name that has deep meaning, sounds sweet, and also works as a blessing for her.

Japanese Girl Names
Japanese Girl Names

Popular Japanese Girl Names

AhmyaBlack Rain
AiLove, Affection
AiriLove, White Jasmine or Pear
AoiHollyhock; Depend on the cherry blossoms; Blue Color
AkemiBeautiful and Bright
BashiraJoyful, Predictor of Good News
ChiakiSparkling Light
ChihiroThousand Springs
ChiyoThousand Generations
ChiyokoChild of a Thousand Generations
DanujaKnight, A Ruler
DoiMountain or Earth
EijiCheerful and One Second Eternity
EmikoBeautiful Child
EnaSomeone Who is Passionate and Graceful
FumikoAcademic or Intellectual; Beautiful Child
GenThe Lady of the Congregation
HaiaNimble, Quick
HanakoFlower, Blossom
HarukaSpring Blossom or Fragrance
HayamiRare Beauty
HimariGood Flower; Light and Love
HinaGood Vegetables
HirokoGenerous Child
IchikaMany Flowers; Best
KazukoPeaceful Child
KeikoLucky and Happy Child
KoharuSpring; Late Summer; Heart
KokoroHeart, Mind, Emotions, Feelings
KumikoBeautiful Child
KyoukoRespectful Child; Modern Child
MaekoThe Child of Truth
MaemiA Truthful Smile
MaiLove; Dance
ManamiBeautiful Love
MayumiElegant; Beauty, Truth
MegumiLove; Blessing
MioA Beautiful Cherry Blossom, or a Beautiful Thread
MisakiBeautiful Blossom
MitsukiBeautiful Moon
MiyokoBeautiful Child
Nagi A Calm or a Lull Person
NamieBlessings or Little Help
NanamiSeven Sea
NatsukiSummer; Hope; Moon
NikoTwo Lakes
ReiA Beautiful and Lovely Bell
SachikoHappy or Lucky Child
Saeko A Serene Child
SakuraFlower; Cherry Blossom
Tech Guide Blossom
ShizukoQuiet Child
TakaTall, Honorable Peregrine
TomokoFriendly Child
YoshikoBeautiful Child; Happy Child
YuaLove and Affection
YuinaTie; Bind
YuzukiHope; Grapefruit
SaraSara is one the beautiful Japanese names that start with s. The name means “happy; pure; soul”.
RuriRuri meaning “lapis lazuli” or “emerald” is a Japanese female name symbolizing being protected. It’s variation is Ruriko.
MichikoMichiko is a sweet name meaning “beautiful; wise child”.
Tokiwa constant
Taura many lakes

Every father wants a beautiful, sophisticated and graceful name for his daughter that embraces her beautiful, charming and remarkable personality. Most parents are familiar with the wo rld and different cultures, so keeping your name isn’t just limited to your own culture or language. Embracing other cultures by naming their daughters is one way of showing that the world is one big family. So, choosing a beautiful and meaningful Japanese name will enhance your daughter’s personality and create a sweet impression throughout her life. Happy nomination and we wish you the best in the world for your little one.

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