80+ Amazing Japanese Boy Names (With Meanings)

japanese boy names

Are you looking for cute Japanese boy names for your baby boy? Check out these cool and unique Japanese names for boys that always look modern.

Japanese baby names make a mark on every box: they have a song feel, are full of meaning, and pay homage to a beautiful culture.

Japanese names often have a nature-based meaning or carry messages related to family and society. They tend to be closely related to the actual meaning of words, so in Japan it’s easy to understand the meaning of someone’s name whether you’ve heard it before or not. Many Japanese baby names also have multiple meanings due to the character structure of the Japanese language … which is part of the fun of giving your child a Japanese name!

If you have Japanese roots or a connection to Japan that you would like to honor, consider a baby name from this list of popular, cute and exclusive Japanese baby names for boys and girls.

Deciding on a name for your newborn baby is not a decision to be taken lightly. A great name is reflected not only on the child, but also on the parents.

To get inspiration from the names, you can look at the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese names are more and more common. One thing to remember is that Japanese names can have multiple meanings due to the different character structures (kanji) of the Japanese language.

Japanese boy names like Rio, Hiro, and Raden are beautiful, modern, and easy to pronounce. Japanese athletes have also increased the popularity of cool names like Ichiro and Hideaki.

For more options for Japanese boy names, check out the list below. Here are some popular Japanese boy name ideas.

japanese boy names
japanese boy names

Amazing Japanese Boy Names

AitoSea, Ocean
AkioBright Man, Manly, Hero
BenjiroEnjoys Peace
ChibiShort Person or Small Child
ChikoA Pledge
DaiA Shining Individual
DaichiFrom the Earth: Large
DaikiBright; Shining
EnmeiBright Circle or Life Sustaining
FumihiroRefers Extensive Condemnation
GokuAware of Emptiness
HakakuWhite Crane
HarukiShine Bright
HarutoSun; Soar
HideakiBright: Great
HiroGenerous, Broad
HirotoFly Far, Big Flight
IchiroFirst Son
ItsukiTimber Tree
JiroSecond Son
KaitoSoar Over The Sea
KazukiPeaceful Tree
KazuyaPeace; Calm
KenichiStrong Firstborn
KentoCure for Sadness; Happiness
KenzoWise One
KoheiFlat; Wide
KohiLittle One
KosukeRising Sun
KotaGood Luck; Happiness
KoukiLight: Happiness; Sun
MinatoHarbour or Port
NamikoA Child of the Waves or a Surfing Child
NatsuBorn in Summer
OrochiBig Snake
RadenGod of Thunder
RioOne Who is Like the River
RyomaDragon; Horse
SatoshiIntelligent: Sharp
ShotaProsper; Large
ShiroThe Four Sons
SoutaA Sudden Sound of the Wind
SotaThick; Big
TadaakiFaithful Light
TaikiLarge Great
TakeoBrave; Warrior
TakeruWarrior; Fierce
TatsuoMale Dragon
TatsuyaDragon; Good Health
TomoIntelligent; Wise
ToshiroTalented; Intelligent
YamatoGreat Harmony
YoutaGreat Sunlight
YuumaGentle, Truthful, Honest
Ken actor Jeong
Kevin singer/host Woo
Peniel boy group BtoB member Shin
Suga member of boy band BTS
Syngman first President of South Korea Rhee
Tae-hwanOlympic gold medal swimmer Park

Whether you choose a traditional name or a more modern name, your child will be proud to have a cute Japanese name. Whether you find the perfect name on this list or just use it as a starting point for your own research, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your new baby. For other options, consider names based on Japanese cities or unique Japanese cultural traditions.

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