List Of 55+ Heavenly Names Meaning Hope With Meanings

Names That Mean Hope

Looking for names that mean hope for your child? Find great names that mean hope so that boys and girls inspire a little faith.

Babies can represent hope for many families. It can represent the wish that the next chapter is full of health and happiness, the faith that the next adventure will be fine.

Hopefully, families can be optimistic about their future. When parents choose the meaning of hope for their newborn, it can symbolize having hope for their baby, their family, or simply the universe.

In fact, it is true that when everything else is gone, hope will still exist. Hope and faith are the two pillars that hold man together. There is nothing better than giving your baby a name that means hope. Having faith in our children and believing that they will grow up to be the best you have instilled in them is a very nice thought.

Names that mean hope can come from many different cultures and languages. I hope the names are for boys or girls.

Along with Fatima and Joseph, other names that mean miracle in the US Top 1000 include Ayaan, Beatrice, Celeste, Elijah, Guadalupe, Keilani, Thalia, and Theo. Among the more contemporary options are the names of words related to miracles or divinity, such as Marvel, Providence, Wonder and Heavenly.

If your pregnancy or birth was miraculous in any way, you may want to consider a name that means a miracle for your son or daughter. See our full collection below.

More Than 55 Heavenly Names With Meanings

Boy Names That Mean Hope
Boy Names That Mean Hope

Amazing Boy Names Meaning Hope

AaronHebrew for “high mountain; enlightened”
AlbertGerman for “noble, bright”
BeaconOld English for “signal light”
CallahanIrish for “bright-headed”
ClarenceLatin for “bright”
DylanIrish for “ray of hope”
EleazarHebrew for “court of God”
EmmanuelHebrew for “God is with us”
FaroItalian origin name for “lighthouse”
FynnIrish for “bright, fair”
HellerGerman for “bright, brilliant”
HerbertGerman for “bright army”
JesseWelsh for “bright water”
KiranSanskrit for “ray of light”
MeyerHebrew for “bringer of light”
NeoLatin for “new”
PhelipeSpanish origin name for “hope origin”
RaidenJapanese for “thunder and lightning”
RobertOld English for “bright fame”
RutendoAfrican origin name for “faith”
SalvadorSpanish origin name for “savior”
SherwoodOld English for “bright forest”
TrumanOld English for “faithful one”
ToivoFinnish for “hope”
Albert"noble, bright"
Nell"bright, shining one"
Elaine"bright, shining light"
Arjun"bright, shining, white"
Robin "bright fame"
Girl Names That Mean Hope
Girl Names That Mean Hope

Amazing Names For Girls Meaning Hope

AilanaFinnish for “light bearer”
AileenIrish for “bright, shining light”
AlinaSlavic origin name for “bright, beautiful”
AprilLatin for “to open”
AshlynIrish for “dream”
BrayleighAmerican name for “ray of hope”
ChiaraItalian origin name meaning “light, clear”
ChloeGreek for “young green shoot”
DaisyOld English for “day’s eye”
EdnaHebrew origin name for “rejuvenation”
ElaineFrench meaning “bright, shining light”
EsmeraldaPortuguese origin name for “emerald”
EsperanzaSpanish for “hope”
EvangelineGreek for “bearer of good news”
FaithOld English often meaning hope
HopeOld English for “Desire of fulfillment”
KiaraItalian for “first ray of sun”
LaelynnCanadian origin name for “flower of hope”
LeocadiaSpanish for “splendid brightness”
LucyLatin for “light”
MargaretGreek for “pearl”
MariposaSpanish meaning “butterfly”
NinaArabic for “hope of love”
NadineFrench for “hope”
TiaraLatin origin name for “crown”
VitaLatin for “hope of life”
YeenaRussian for “bright, shining one”
AmilAmil is a beautiful Arabic name, meaning ‘hope.’ Amil is also used for females in some regions. It is associated with Amil Whitehead, the female American rapper.
KiaraA variation on Chiara or Ciara, which means “first ray of sun."
NadineAnother play on Nadia!
StellaPerfect for your shining “star!”

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