Best 80+ Greek Names With Meanings For Your Cute Little Warrior

Ancient Greek Boy Names

Are you looking for great Greek names for boys? Get inspired by Greek mythology or modern Greek culture with these Greek boy names with meanings.

You are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your newborn baby. In the meantime, have you ever chosen a name for him?

Greece has inspired names around the world. This ancient country provided many stories, art, literature and culture that we see today in modern times.

Consider a Greek name for your child. Most western cultures have already done this. Modern Greek boy names like Phillip, Andrew, and Lucas, in fact, originate from Greece.

Greece is home to one of the oldest and most established cultures in the world, with a history and tradition that speak for themselves. If you are looking for ancient Greek boy names, you have come to the right place. The culture and tradition of a nation greatly influences the nomenclature practices followed by people. Choosing a suitable name for a boy who is nothing short of a prince is hard work. Below are some of the most famous Greek mythology-inspired baby names around the world, along with their meanings. Then you can choose the best name that matches your child’s personality.

If you want a name with more “Greek sounds”, consider boy names like Constantine, Nico, and Kostas. You can also take inspiration from Greek gods with mythical Greek names, like Apollo, Ares, and Helios.

For more name ideas, check out the list of Greek names below.

Abacustable, Tablet
AesopFrom Greek
AlecForm of Alexander; Defender of Man
AlexanderDefender of Man
AlistairDefender of Man
AmbroseDivine; Immortal
AndrewStrong and Manly
ArieExcellent Purpose
AtticusFrom Attica
BacchusGreek Name
ChristosMessiah; Annointed One
ConstantineStable; Consistent; Steadfast
DeliasFrom Delos
DemetriusFollower of Demeter
EugeneWellborn, Noble
GalenCalm, Healer
GeorgeWork; of Earth; Farmer
GregorVigilant, a Watchman
HalcyonKingfisher Bird
HeroHero; Demi-God
HomerSecurity, Pledge
IcarusGreek Name
IsidoreGift of Isis
JenoNoble Aristocrat
JeromeScared Name
KostasSteady, Stable
LexDefending Men
LucasMan from Lucania
MylesNew Man
New Mannation’s conquerer
NicoPeople of Victory
OrionRising in the sky, dawn
OtisKeen of heearing
PhilipLover of Horses
PhoenixDark Red
RhodesWhere Roses Grow
SandrosDefender of Man
SocratesGreek Philosopher
TimothyReward, Honor
Reward, HonorRoyal
VernadosCourage of the Bear
Courage of the BearDefending Men
YiannisGod is Gracious
ZalePower of the sea
Boy Greek Names
Boy Greek Names

Greek Historical And Mythological Boy Names

AchillesThin-lipped; hero of the Greeks
Adonisthe most handsome
AdrastosNot inclined to run
AeolusGod of the winds; Changable
AesonFather of Jason
AgamemnonSteadfast; Unbowed
ApolloTo destroy; god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom. Later,he also became the god of the sun and light.
AjaxEagle; Led the Greeks after Achilles died
AresBane; Male; God of War
AtlasTo Carry; Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders
CastorPious One; son of Zeus, One of Twins
HectorTo check; Restrain; Trojan Warrior
HermesThe Messenger God
LeanderLion Man
ParisSon of Priam
PerseusTo destroy
PoseidonGod of the seas
TheseusTo set; To place
ZeusGreek God; To shine
CephalusThe name Cephalus is a very unique name for a boy which means head or leader. In Greek mythology, he was a loyal husband who kept his loyalty even after he was pursued by the goddess Eos.
CharitonChariton is a classic Greek name meaning grace, kindness in a person. Chariton makes for a very classy yet modern name for a boy.
CharonCharon makes for a regal name for your boy and this name means “fierce brightness”. It was the name of the brave and fierce ferryman of Hades in Greek mythology.
ChristopherThe name Christopher is a very classy and sophisticated name for a boy. Christopher is of Greek origin which means “bearer of Christ”.
DaedalusDaedalus is not a very common name and it has an ancient feel. It was the name of Greek inventor, who designed the Labyrinth for King Minos and was banished by Zeus to Crete.

The name represents the personality and character of a person. Names also represent a person’s quality and skill, and choosing a name with its meaning is a difficult task for every parent. Choosing a perfect first name is the most important gift parents give to their child. So I hope you find a perfect name for your boy using our list.

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