60+ Cute And Shining Baby Name Ideas That Means Sun

Names That Mean Sun

Looking for bright baby names that mean a sun that gets bright reviews? Here is a list of baby names from the sun to your little sun.

Your newborn baby should be arriving soon. Along with all the other baby projects, picking out a name for him may be the most urgent task on your list.

Choosing a baby’s name is an exciting and scary task in equal measure. To help you navigate the maze of possibilities, we’ve put together a list of sun names that people can use for their babies.

If you know that this new baby will bring sunshine into your life, let the warm sun inspire you. The sun is the center of our universe. Your little bundle of joy can represent the center of your family’s universe.

Unique and unusual baby names with sun meanings include Oriana, Sampson, Sunniva, and Sun. Names that mean sun from international sources include the Spanish Helio, the Gaelic Eilidh, and the Hindi Kalinda.

There are sun baby names for boys and girls. You can choose names that mean sun in different languages, such as “Cyrus” or “Sun”. There are also words associated with the sun, such as fire, light, star, etc.

For more baby names that mean the sun to your little sun, check out the bright ideas below.

Boy Names That Mean Sun
Boy Names That Mean Sun

Shining And Adorable Baby Name Ideas For Kids That Mean Sun

Girl Names That Mean Sun
Girl Names That Mean Sun

Boy Names That Mean Sun

Aidan/Aiden/AydenCeltic name for fire, the fire of a sun
ApolloA name after the Greek Sun God
AugustLatin name of “Esteemed, venerable”
BeaconOld English for “Signal light”
BlazeLatin name for “fire”, representing the blaze of a sun
CyrusPersian for “Sun”
DaytonOld English for “Settlement, town”
DominicRoman Italic name for “Belonging to God”
DomingoSpanish for “Born on a Sunday”
EleodoroSpanish name for “Gift from the sun”
ElioItalian name for “Sunny and spirited”
FelixLatin name for “Lucky”
FinleyScottish name for “Fair-haired warrior”
GisliScandinavian name for ray of sunshine
HaruJapanese for “Light, clear weather”
HariSanskri name for “Lion”
HelioSpanish origin name for “the sun”
JaimeHebrew for “One who supplants”
KiranIndian name for “Sunbeam”
PhoenixGreek name for “Dark red”; mythical bird associated with rising from the ashes and fire
RaviIndian name after the Hindi Sun God
RinoRoman origin name meaning “Gift of God”
SamsonHebrew for “Sun”
SolSpanish name for “Sun”
SonivaNorwegian for “Sun gift” Biblical name with a Hebrew origin meaning “sun”
SulienWel name meaning “Sun born”
TanerTurkish name meaning “Born with Sunrise”
Names That Mean The Sun
Names That Mean The Sun

Girl Names That Mean Sun

AeliaAncient Roman name meaning “Sun”
Ainename after the Irish Sun goddess
AlbaLatin for “Sunrise”
AlinaGreek for “Light”
Auroraname is after the Roman Goddess of sunrise
CiraFrench name for “Ladylike”
CyraPersian name for “Sun, throne, or lord”
DawnOld English name for “Daybreak, awakening”
EasterChristian name for “Where the sun rises”
ElanorSindarin name for “Star sun”
EldoraGreek for “Gift from the sun”
EllenGreek for “Sunrays, shining light”
ElianeName with Greek, Hebrew, Latin origins meaning “Sun”
HelenGreek origin name meaning “ray of sun,” “shining light”
Tech Guide Old English name meaning “light”
KalindaHindi for “sun”
KerenHebrew for “Ray of light”
LianeEnglish name meaning “Daughter of the sun”
LeanaIrish name for “Light, beautiful woman”
LucyItalian name for “Light”
Malinaname after Goddess of the sun from Inuit mythology
NanalaHawaiian name for “Sunflower”
OrianaLatin name for “Sunrise”
PhoebeGreek name for “Brilliant, radiant”
ShirleyEnglish name for “Bright meadow”
SiriaSpanish and Persian origin name for “Bright sun”
SolanaSpanish name for “Sunshine”
SoleilFrench name for “Sun”
ZiaArabic name for “Light, splendor”
ApolloGreek mythology name
Cyrasun or throne, or lord
MarisolMary of Solitude
Aarushfirst ray of sun

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