Cool and Classic 111+ Old Fashioned Boy Names

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The “old” names are becoming popular again. Browse this list of the best old fashioned boy names full of vintage charm, perfect for your child!

What was old is new and that goes for baby names. Classic vintage names that were previously reserved as “grandfather” names are again seen as bold and cool.

Maybe parents are looking for a unique and rare name, but still want that traditional touch on their child’s name. The names of the elderly are no longer reserved for the elderly. These old-fashioned names have proven to stand the test of time.

Most people have heard of these names, so pronunciation isn’t a big deal. They are also unique enough to be unusual names in the class.

funny old man names
funny old man names

What Are Some Old Boy Names?

Old-fashioned names mean different things to different people. Some consider it old-fashioned at least a century earlier, such as Cecil or Sherman. Others may consider old names that were popular 50 years ago, such as Russell or Elvis. Others may consider old-fashioned names in the Bible, such as John or Mark.
Older names have been in fashion for boys for so long that many of them have become popular first names: Henry and Samuel are among the biggest names in the US, while in the UK Harry, Leo and Oscar are all among their most popular baby names.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of other alumni names out there where they came from! To qualify as a cool old man’s name, a name has to have a classic twist and a little bit moth-eaten, like a perfect vintage cardigan.

Along with Henry and Samuel, other senior names in the American Top 500 include Arthur, Cyrus, Theodore, Otto, Silas, Harvey, Victor and Frederick. Seniors’ names more common in the UK than in the US include Albert, Ralph, Stanley, and Wilfred.

Like Biblical boy names, old names for old people are constantly revived by parents. Today’s more old-fashioned boy names include relics like Herbert, Harold, and Clyde.

For inspiration, below is a list of the best old historical names that you don’t really hear anymore. You can only find the perfect name for your child below!

old man last names
old man last names

Cool and Classic 111+ Old Fashioned Boy Names

AbrahamFather of Multitudes
AlbertNoble, Bright
AlexanderDefending Men
ArchieTruly Brave
BenjamimFavorite Son
BernardStrong, Brave as a Bear
CalvinBald, Hairless
CharlesFree Man
ChesterFortress, Walled-town
ClarkScribe, Secretary, Cleric, Scholar, Clerk
ConradBold ruler; Brave
EdgarWealthy Spearman
EdisonSon of Edward
ElijahMy name is Yahweh
ElliotMy name is Yahweh
EverettBrave as a Wild Boar
FelixHappy and Lucky
FrankFrenchman or Free Man
FrederickPeaceful Ruler
GarfieldTriangular Field
GarrettSpear rule
GeraldRuler with the Spear
HamiltonTreeless Hill
HaroldArmy Ruler
HarveyBattle Worthy
HenryEstate Ruler
IsaacHe will laugh
JackGod is Gracious
JasperBringer of Treasure
JeffreyPledge of Pease
JeremiahGod will exalt
JohnGod is Gracious
KelvinShip, Friend
KennethOf Fire; Handsome
LamarDweller by a Pool
Lawrencefrom the ancient Roman town of Laurentum
LeoBrave Lion
LeonardBrave Lion
LouisFamous warrior
LutherArmy People
Malcolmdisciple of Columba
MarshallOne Who Looks After Horses
MicahOne who is like God
MichaelWho is like God
MickeyWho is like God
MitchellWho is like God
MortonTown Near the Moor
MosesDelivered from the Water
NewtonNew Town
NoahRest, Wandering
OliverOlive Tree
OscarFriend of Deer
OrvilleGold Town
OthelloHe has the Sound of God
OwenYoung Warrior, Well-Born
PhillipHorse Lover
PresleyPriest’s Meadow
PrestonPriest’s Estate
RainerWise Army
RaymondTrusted Advisor
ReubenBehold, a son
RobertBright Fame
RodneyIsland Near the Clearing
RolandFamous Throughout the Land
RussellRedhead, Fox-Colored
SamuelName of God
SaulPrayed for
ShermanShearer of Woolen Cloth
SigmundVictorious Protection
SilasMan of the Forest
SpencerHouse Steward, Dispenser of Provisions
StanleyNear the Stony Clearing
SullivanDark Eyed
ThaneClan Chieftain
TheodoreGift of God
TimothyHonoring God
TonyPriceless One
TroyDescendant of Foot Soldier
WaldoTo Rule
WertherWorthy Warrior
WhitmanWhite Man
WileyFrom Wylye
WilkesA Contraction of Wilkins
WilliamResolute Protection
WilsonSon of Will
WiltonPlace by a Stream
WindsorRiverbank with a Winch
WinslowFriend’s Hill or Burial Mound
WyattBrave in battle
ZachariahThe Lord recalled
Alfredelf counsel or wise counsel
Alvinnoble friend
Amosburdened or troubled
Basilroyal, kingly
Benjaminson of my right hand

What do you think of our list of old names? What are some old boy names that we forget ??

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