Try The 80+ Classic German Boy Names With Meanings

german boy names

Trying to find popular German baby names for boys? Consider these classic and traditional German boy names for your new bundle of joy.

Choosing a name for your new child is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. Your newborn baby should be born anytime, and you are always on the hunt for the best baby names.

You may be influenced by your German roots or just German culture in general, but you are thinking of an old German name for your child.

Traditional German names are known for a strong consonant sound, such as Dietrich, Frederick, and Conrad. Popular German names are influenced by neighboring European countries. Names include Brenner, Bronson and Carey.

For other German-influenced baby male names, check out this list below. Consider these strong German names and pick your favorite.

Naming a baby is an important decision to make between couples because it is something that your baby has to live with all his life. While there are a number of names to choose from, you’ll likely choose the one that sounds best, makes sense, and fits your baby’s personality as they grow older. Many people are looking for names for their babies that are easy to pronounce or spell. All the names are beautiful in their own way. In our list, some of the names are long, which can result in epic nicknames, and some are so short that they don’t need nicknames. Here is our list of cool German baby names for boys.

Common German Boy Names
Common German Boy Names

Classic And Attractive German Boy Names With Meanings

AbbeMy Father is Joyful
AbbottFather, Priest, Father of Abbey
AdalwolfNoble Wolf
AlexanderDefender of Mankind
AmoPower of an Eagle
ArnoldStrong as an Eagle
BarduwulfAn Ax-Wielding Wolf
BaltasarProtected by God
BarnardBrave, Bear, Courageous
BarnimTo Protect
BarrettStrong as a Bear
BaronNoble Man
BenSon Of
BrennerOne Who Works With Fire
BronsonBrown’s Son
CareyHe Lives in the Fortress
CarielHe is a Free Man
ChristophChrist Bearer
ConradBold and Mighty, Admired by All
CorradoFearless, Bold, Not Afraid, Valiant
CortyOne Who Advises Others Boldly and in a Candid Manner
CumaThe One Who Bears Christ
DavidThe Beloved Friend
DelmarOne Who Came from Sea
DerekThe People’s Ruler
DietrichKing Of Nations
EgelbertA Bright Light of God
EgonOne Who Gets Strong with a Sword
EliasOne Who Believes Yahweh is the Lord
FranzGerman Version of Frank
FrederickPeaceful Ruler
GaritA Person Who is Always with a Spear
Garold/GeraldA Ruler Who Controls the Army with a Spear
GeoffreyMan of Peace
GodfreyPeace of God
HansGod is Gracious; German Version of John
HenryEstate Ruler
JaremA Might Spearman
Johan/JoannesGod is Gracious; German Version of John
KaiserGerman version of Caeser
KarlManly; Strong
KeiferPine Tree; Jaw
KortHonest Advisor: Courageous
KurtisPolite One
LouisGreat Knight, Brave Warrior
MantelCloak Bearer, Makes Garment
Marcus/MarkusOf Mars
MartellWarrior of Mars
MayneOne Who is Powerful and Strong
NickoGod of Success
NoahRelaxation, Restful, Harmony, Calm
OdieThe Superman Among Human Being
RaymondWise Protector
RobertGlory Bright
RoderickFamous Ruler
RoyceGerman Version of Reece; Roy’s Son
TrumanSpear of Strength
DirkDirk is a Dutch of Low German name meaning “People Ruler”. It was made popular by another NBA superstar, Dirk Nowitzki.
EckhardEckhard is a name of German origin consisting of the two words ek and hard, which means “edge” and “strong”, respectively.
FulhertIt comes from the Old German filibert, which means “very bright”.
HacketHalag is a common German name with German roots. The name means “little woodcutter”.
HubertHubert, too, has Germanic origins and is a combination of the words hug, meaning, “heart” and beraht, meaning, “bright”.

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