80+ Bright Name Ideas For Little Babies Meaning ‘light’

Female Names That Mean Light

Looking for baby names that mean “light”? Check out this list of bright, glowing baby names that mean “light” and get enthusiastic reviews.

Your new baby can be a ray of sunshine for your family. With sweet innocence and a beaming smile, babies can be a source of light in your life.

To reflect this new addition, give your bundle of joy a name that represents brightness and light. Names that mean “light” can serve as symbols of hope and optimism.

Along with Aaron and Clara, other names that signify light in the American Top 1000 include Bodhi, Elena, Kiara, Lucian, Noemi, Nora, Robert and Xavier. Unusual names with light-related meanings that you can consider for your list include Abner, Eleonara, Helena, Lior, and Lux.

Names with light-related meanings that are used well in other countries include Irish Aine, Italian Chiara, Israeli Zohar, Spanish Lucia, and Arabic Noor.

There are several names that mean “light” for both boys and girls. Some mean “bearer of light”, some mean “shining” and some mean “shine”. Take inspiration from the list of “light” names below.

Girl Names That Mean Light
Girl Names That Mean Light

Amazing Baby Names Meaning ‘light’ To Shine Up Your World

Shining Girl Names That Mean Bright

Names That Mean Light And Dark
Names That Mean Light And Dark
Alina(Greek): light
Aonani(Hawaiian): beautiful light
Aurora(Latin): dawn
Ayla(Turkish): moonlight
Chiara(Italian): light; clear
Ciana(Italian): light
Dawn(Old English): first appearance of light
Eileen(Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Bright, shining one
Elaine(French, Scottish): bright; shining light
Eleanor(Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Light
Eliora(Hebrew): the Lord is my light
Ellen(Greek): sun, ray, shining light
Faven(African): light
Hannelore(German): God is my light; grace
Helen/Helena(Greek): shining one; bright
Iliana(Spanish): ray of light
Ilona(Hungarian): light
Kamaria(African): moonlight
Leora(Greek): compassion, light
(Greek): compassion, light(Latin): light
Luz(Spanish): light
Mahina(Hawaiian): moonlight
Meira(Hebrew): light
Nahara(Aramaic): light
Nera(Hebrew): light; candle
Nur/Noor(Arabic): light
Oralee(Hebrew): my light
Phoebe(Greek): brilliant, radiant
Roxana(Persian): dawn; little star
Sanaa(African): work of art; shining light
Sheridan(Gaelic): bright light
Thea(Greek): goddess of light
Zia(Arabic): light, splendor
Akiko(Japanese): bright
Avira(Tamil): bright
Ilka(Hungarian): bright; shining one
Phaedra(Greek): bright
Senna(Arabic): brightness
Ziva(Hebrew): brilliance; brightness
Boy Names That Mean Light
Boy Names That Mean Light

Shining Boy Names That Mean Light

Abner(Hebrew): father of light
Ambert(German): Bright, shining light
Anwar(Arabic): light
Apollo(Greek): Apollo
Barack(Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili): lightning, thunderbolt; blessing
Beacon(Old English): signal light
Chand(Hindi): shining moon, light
Chandler(English): Candle maker
Dritan(Albanian): Light
Elior(Hebrew): God is light
Epifanio(Spanish): bringing light
Faro(Italian): lighthouse
Harbin(German): little bright warrior
Hikaru(Japanese): light or radiance
Jomei(Japanese): spread light
Kiran(Hindi): beam of light
Lito(Latin): light
Lucas/Luca/Lucius(Latin): bright; Shining
Lucian(Latin): light
Meyer(Hebrew): bringer of light
Ner(Hebrew): candle or light
Nuri(Arabic or Hebrew): light; fire
Oran(Aramaic or Gaelic): light; pale
Pradeep(Hindi): light
(Hindi): light(Japanese): God of Thunder and Lightning
(Arabic): light; lamp
Uri(Hebrew): my light
Zain(Hindi): godly light
Akiro(Japanese): bright boy
Albert(German): bright; noble
Albus(Latin): bright; white
Brighton(English): bright town
Callahan(Irish): bright-headed
Fynn(Irish): bright, fair
Hobbes(English): bright fame
Robert(German, English): bright fame
Xavier(Arabic, Basque): bright; new house

“Light” names are suitable for babies born in summer, spring or winter. We have selected the best baby names meaning light in different languages. Each name is special, unique and beautiful in itself. As future parents, choose a name for your child that they will always be happy with. We wish you the best on this exciting journey of choosing a name for your soon-to-be-born baby. After all, nothing lights up a family like a baby. Happy parenting!

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