Get 90+ Irish Girls Names With Meanings For Your Charming Little Princess.

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Trying to choose the best Irish name for girls? Be enchanted by this list of beautiful Irish girl names (with meanings) that have Celtic and Gaelic roots.

Choosing a name for your new girl can be exciting (and a little overwhelming). There are a wide variety of name options. To help narrow down, consider a name inspired by Emerald Ireland.

Maybe one or both parents are of Irish descent. Or you are simply inspired by Irish culture. Or do you just like an Irish name!

Ireland has such a rich history and a colorful culture, it’s no wonder Irish baby names are so popular. For your daughter, choosing an Irish name can be a great place to start.

Do you want a popular Irish given name, like Erin, Briana or Caitlin? Or do you want a unique Irish girl name, like Bedelia, Saoirse or Maeve?

Try your luck with some of the best Irish baby names below.

Ireland is charming and full of culture, history and ancient legends. It is known for its green landscape and traditional symbols, such as the shamrock and the Celtic cross. And for a small country, Ireland and its people have had a major influence on the world, contributing to art, science, literature and more.

So if you want to honor your heritage or love the charm, beauty, and mystery of the Emerald Isle, take a look at these 100 Irish Names To Consider For Your New Child.

Best 90+ Irish Girls Names With Meanings For Your Charming Little Princess.

MageeSon of Hugh
MakennaHappy One
MaureenHebrew, Bitter
NessaNot Gentle
NoreenaHonor, Light
OrlaGolden Princess
OrnaLittle Pale Green One
Regan/ReaganLittle King
RoanLittle Redhead
RoisinLittle Rose
SaoirseLiberty; Freedom
ShannonOld and Wise
ShaunaGod’s Gracious Gift
SheenaGod is Gracious
SineadGod is Gracious
SiobhanGod’s Grace; Full of Charm
SorchaBright; Radiant
TaraRocky Hill
TullyFlood, Peaceful, Hill
AdinaSlender, Delicate
AileenBright, shining light
AineBrightness, Splendor
AislingDream, Vision
Bedelia/BidaliaStrength or Exalted One
BevinFair Lady, White Lady
BreenaFairy Place
Briana/BriannaStrong; honorable
BrigidStrength or Exalted One
CaraDear, Friend, Face
CareyDark, Black
CiaraLittle Dark One
ClancyRed-Haired Warrior
DaraPearl of Wisdom, or Oak Tree
DarbyFree from Envy, or, from the Deer Estate
EileenBright, Shining One
ElvaLeader of the Elves
ErinFrom the Island to the West
FiaWild or Weaver
FinleyFair-haired hero
Fair-haired heroWhite, Fair
FionaFair; Beautiful
GoldieYiddish, Gold
ImogenMaiden; Innocent
KaraDear, Friend, Face
KayleighFair; Slim
Keira/KiraLittle Dark One
LaoiseLight; Radiant
MaeveShe Who Intoxicates
LornaFrom the 1860 novel Lorna Doone.
GeorgiaFeminine form of George, Greek: 'farmer'.
AlannaGaelic 'a leanbh': 'O child'. Allana is a variant.
MariaHebrew: Miriam, Greek: Mariam, Latin: Maria. Mary, Maire, Marion
SiobhanGaelic form of Joan. Judith and Julia are variants.

What to Consider When Choosing an Irish Baby Name

When it comes to choosing a name for your future child, it’s not something you can just pull ot of the hat. The process deserves a lot of time and thought. Start by testing Irish names for boys or girls in combination with your last name. Are names that begin with certain letters particularly beautiful? Or do you find that short names flow better than longer names? This will help you narrow down your options.

Of course, when selecting Irish baby names you will want to do your research on the culture and language. You will find Irish names for Gaelic girls and boys, while others are more rooted in Celtic heritage. Many names also have certain meanings or translations, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before choosing a name.

Spelling and pronunciation are things you should also keep in mind. If you’re inclined to use a unique and unusual name, tell your friends and family to make sure it’s not too difficult to say or spell. The last thing you want is for people to accidentally kill your child’s name. To avoid this, you can also choose a more popular and well-known Irish name that people know better.

Pick an Irish baby name that matches your newborn’s personality, pick one with an origin that represents your Irish roots, or just pick a name that sounds adorable when you say it. Wherever you are on your journey to name your baby, let us help you. Browse our list of the best Irish baby names to help you decide which is the perfect name for the latest addition to your growing family.

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