80+ Beautiful And Gorgeus German Names For Girls With Meanings.

Female German Names

Are you looking for strong German female names? Here are some of the most popular and traditional German girl names to use with your new family member.

Choosing a new name for the new girl in your life can be an overwhelming choice. There are options ranging from traditional and old German first names to modern and popular German female names.

For your daughter, you can look at her German heritage or just German culture to choose a girl’s name. German female first names can sound very traditional, like Hilda and Heidi, or contemporary, like Alison and Adalee.

Your daughter’s name sets the tone for your expectations as a father and captures the spirit of your hopes and dreams for your child. If you want your daughter to start her life with power, German baby names are great options.

German names can mean a lot of things, whether gentle, strong, or noble. Limit your list of names by looking at the list below.

Consider the names of these German girls when browsing through name ideas. Here are some ideas of German female names for your baby girl.

Common Female German Names
Common Female German Names

Gorgeous Names For German Girls With Meanings

Adalee/AdaliA Noble Wood or the Nobility of Wood
AdaleighOne Who is Honorable and Full of Morals
Adellene/Adelina/AdelitaThe Kindness or Nobility
AdelredusA Red-Haired Noble Person
AddieGerman Variation of Adela
AddlerA Eagle or a Person with the Quality of an Eagle
AdetteSweet; Noble
AldaWise, Elder
AliosaFamous Warrior
BathildaWoman Warrior
BelindaBright Serpent
BeritGlorious, Intelligent
BernadineStrength of a Bear
BetsyConsecrated to God
CaraA Dear One, A Dear Lady
CarleighA Free Peasant Girl
CarolA Hymn or a Song
CarrieA Strong Woman
ChayA Fairy Tale
ChloeVictory, Conquest or Achievement of the People
ClaraOne Who is Distinguished, Clear and Bright
DagnaA Special Day
DameA Lady
EdelleA Superior Person, Has Excellent Taste
EdelmarOne Who is Famous for Noble Personality
EhrenA Honourable and Kind Hearted Individual
EmsThe Whole Universe
FreedaA Ruler Who is Peaceful, It Means Beloved in Old Norse
GeraldineRules By The Spear
GertrudeSpear of Strength
GhislainePleasant Oath
GretchenLittle Pearl
GrettaThey Are Very Stable, Family Loving and Love to Work Together
HarrietRules the Home
HawisaClever, Bright, Intelligent
HeidiSweet; Noble
HeleneGerman version of Helen
HelgaBlessed; Holy
HenriettaRules the Home
IdaA Woman Who is Hardworking
IlsaGerman Version of Elizabeth
IsoldeIce Ruler
JaselleOne Who is Pledged
JeriSpear Ruler
KarinPure; German version of Katherine
KarlottaTiny; Feminine
KristolA Woman Who is Made of Ice, or Crystals
LeaPerson Who Brings Good News
LeislMy God is bountiful; German Version of Elizabeth
LindsayA Person Who is From the Lincoln Island
LoraleiLaurel; Sweet Bay Tree
LouisaFamous in War
LyndeA Gentle Person
MaleneShe Who is Magnificent
MatildaBattle Maiden
MillicentNoble: Strong
MorgenOne Who Circles Around the Sea to Defend it
Nadetta/NadetteCourage of a Bear
NanettaA Graceful Queen or Empress
OdeletteThe Guardian of the Mankind
OlgaBlessed; Holy
PetriOne Who is Like Rock
PorscheAn Offering or a Contribution
RainahAn Advice Giver
RobbeyOne Who is Famously Acclaimed
RomyA Person from Rome, or Can Also Mean Rosemary
SaachaA Person Who Helps and Defends People
SelmaGod’s Helmet
TaminaA Twin Sister to Someone
TheaGift of God
UllaMistress of All
UlvaShe Wolf
VandaA Warrior
VenetiaCourage of a Bear
ZeldaBlessed or Happy
Ellaall, completely; fairy maiden
Andreastrong and manly
Jocelynmember of the Gauts tribe
Milliegentle strength; strong in work

Following the Australian and Anglo-Saxon way of naming babies, German first names usually have the first name, middle name and last name given at the time of birth or baptism in a church. Do you need a name with Germanic mythological or historical roots like Elizabeth, Waldtraut, and Manuela? We hope you found your beautiful daughter’s name here. We also try to cover the most popular, the most beautiful, the most traditional and the oldest. Your baby deserves the best and most of the time old is golden, especially in German names. Have fun looking for your favorite name on our list!

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