More Than 85 Greek Girl Names For Your Cute Little Goddess Girl

greek female names

Trying to find big Greek names for girls? Take inspiration from Greek mythology or modern Greek culture with these beautiful Greek girl names.

Greece is a beautiful old country with a rich history and an incredible culture. All over the world you can see the Greek influence on art, architecture, language, food and first names!

If you are anticipating the arrival of your newborn baby, you are probably looking for good names. Maybe you have Greek roots or just Greek names. Either way, you can consider a Greek name for your new girl.

There are a variety of good Greek girl names out there. You can consider modern Greek names like Helen, Catherine or Alexis.

If you want a more traditional touch of Greece, there are names like Aurelia, Daphne, and Melania. You can also take inspiration from Greek mythology for your baby’s name. There are famous Greek goddesses and mythical figures called Athens, Thalia and Olympia.

Greek goddess names for girls would be the perfect choice for those looking for a name inspired by unique culture with ancient roots. The pantheon of Greek deities, gods, heroes and culture will give you a lot of inspiration to choose a unique and most suitable name for your daughter. Therefore, choosing a creative Greek girl name for your beautiful girl will no longer be a difficult task.

Female Greek Mythology Names
Female Greek Mythology Names

Try the Gorgeous Greek Girl Names for your little girl from the list below.

AgathaGood Woman
AgnesPure, Virginal
AlexisDefending Men
AmaraGrace or Bitter
BerniceShe Who Brings Victory
BetaOath of God
CallistaMost Beautiful
ChloeBlooming Fertility
DelphineDolphin; from the Greek city of Delphi
DorisGift of the Ocean
DorothyGift of God
ElenaBright, Shining Light
EvangelineBearer of Good News
GalenHealer, Calm
HermioneMessenger, Earthly
HilaryCheerful, Happy
IoannaGod is Gracious
FotoulaLight of God
JuniaBorn in June
KarisaBeloved; grace; dear
LexMan’s Defender
LoisMost Desirable
Most Desirablebeautiful one
MalvaSlender, Delicate
MariaBitter; Beloved
MelaniaBlack, Dark
NaidaWater nymph
NeriBurning Light or Ocean Spirit
NicolaPeople of Victory
NikiPeople of Victory
PetaGolden Eagle, or Rock, Stone
TanaFire or Star Goddess
YolandaViolet Flower
Ancient Greek Female Names
Ancient Greek Female Names

Name Your Girl After Greek Mythology Goddess

AcanthaThorn; Pickle
AdrasteiaInescapable; nymph who cared for infant Zeus
AlcippeStrength; daughter of Ares
AphroditeGoddess of love and beauty
ArtemisGreek goddess of the moon and hunting
AstraeaStar; Greek goddess of justice and innocence
AthenaGreek goddess is wisdom and and warfare
BiaGreek Goddess of force and energy
CalliopeBeautiful voiced; muse of epic poetry; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)
Calypsowater nymph who detained Odysseus
CassandraOne who shines and excels over men; Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam
ClioCelebrate; muse of history; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)
DanaeMother of Perseus
DaphneLaurel Tree, Bay Tree; In Greek mythology, in order to escape Apollo’s pursuit, her father turned her from a nymph into a laurel tree.
DimitrisGoddess of fertility and harvest
ElaraLover of Zeus
EleniForm of Helen
GaiaEarth; mate of Uranus; mother of the Titans
Helenbright one, shining; torch; from Heleen of Troy whose elopement with Paris sparked the Trojan War
HeraQueen; Queen of Heaven; wife of Zeus
IrisRainbow; Greek goddess of the rainbow; messenger to the Greek Gods
MaiaGreek Goddess of fields
OlympiaFrom Mount Olympus (the home of the Greek Gods)
PenelopeWeaver; Wife of Odysseus
PhoebeBright; Pure; Titan associated with the moon
RheaA Flowing Stream; Mother of Zeus and other Greek Gods
Selene/SelenaMoon deity; daughter of Titans Hyperion and Theia
SophiaClever; Wisdom
ThaliaTo Blossom; Muse of Comedy; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)
AndromedaAndromeda is a very unique and popular name for a baby girl. This name loosely means “ruler of man”.
AngelinaAngelina is a very popular and well-established name for a baby girl. This beautiful Greek name means “An angel or a messenger of God”.
AphroditeThe name Aphrodite originated from the word “Aphrodisiac”, loosely means “Born From Sea Foam”.
ArethaThe name Aretha is also one of the unique Greek names for girls. It comes from the Greek word “Arete”, which means “moral and virtuous, or excellent”.
SaraSara is a very nice and trendy name for a baby girl and it means “princess”. This name is Greek, Latin and Scandinavian variant of the name Sarah.
RoxaneRoxane is a very trendy name for a girl and has become quite popular over the years. It is a Greek name of Persian origin and it means “dawn”. Alexander the Great had a wife named Roxane.
OpheliaThe name Ophelia means “Helpful and wise” and is of Greek origin. Ophelia is a classic name for a baby girl.

For a long time, Greek culture, art and mythology have inspired travelers and culture enthusiasts around the world. So you can go ahead and give your baby a name that is close to Greek culture to give him a unique and artistic personality.

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