70+ Amazing Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Or Survivor

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Looking for baby names that mean warrior, protector, or survivor? For your brave little fighter, choose one of these strong names for your new baby.

Your little blessing is about to appear in the world. Maybe your family has gone through a struggle for your baby. Your baby may have to struggle a bit to get there. Or you just want to prepare your newborn to be strong and ready for whatever comes your way.

Choosing a name that means warrior or protector may be the right choice for your strong baby. If your family or baby has had to overcome obstacles, you can select a name that means fighter or survivor.

There are many names that mean difficult for a boy or a girl. These first names can come from different cultures and languages. You can also consider the names of real warriors or fighters.

For more difficult names for your little fort, check out the list of names that mean warrior, protector, or survivor (along with their meanings and origins).

You can choose from several options when naming your baby. Some parents want peaceful and elegant names. Other parents choose names that honor a grandmother or grandfather. You can also choose a name that means warrior, protector, survivor, or fighter. These names channel the spirit and leadership of the past while adding extra story to your child’s name.

Boy Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Or Survivor

Alex/AlexanderGreek for “protector of mankind”
AlvaroSpanish for “cautious”
AnselHebrew for “a protector”
ArmandoFrench for “soldier”
ArmaniItalian for “warrior”
CallanScottish for “battle, rock”
CaseyIrish for “brave in battle”
DuncanScottish for “dark warrior”
DustinGerman for “fighter”
EthanHebrew for “strong”
GuntherGerman for “battle warrior”
HaroldScandinavian for “army ruler”
KaneWelsh for “warrior”
LewisEnglish for “renowned warrior”
LiamIrish for “strong-willed”
MarcusLatin for “warlike”
MiloGerman for “soldier or merciful”
MurphyIrish for “sea warrior”
NakoaHawaiian name for “warrior”
NedOld English for “well to do protector”
OscarIrish for “God spear, or champion warrior”
OsmondOld English “divine protector”
PattonOld English for “fighter’s town”
PeytonOld English for “fighting-man’s estate”
RainerGerman for “wise army”
RaymondGerman for “protector of men”
RogerGerman for “famous warrior”
TroyIrish for “descendant of foot soldier”
WalterGerman for “army ruler”
WarnerOld English for “army”

Girl Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Or Survivor

AlessandraThe Italian name sounds so royal and mythological at the same time.
AmyntasA lyrical and beautiful Latin American name.
ArmindaAnother Latin American name which means the protector of mankind.
Axeliahe name sounds appropriate for a fantasy story and comes from Greece.
AlessiaItalian for “defending warrior”
AlexaGreek for “protector of mankind”
AloisiaGerman for “famous fighter”
DeallaIrish for “protector”
DeandraIt is a beautifully lyrical and exotic English name which means a divine protector.
DelmiraAnother beautiful name from Germany meaning a noble protector.
DiamondOld English for “invincible, untamed”
EdmeScottish for “protector”
EldaItalian for “warrior”
JuneLatin for “protector of women or marriage”
HildaGerman for “battle woman”
KellyIrish for “war”
KendraOld English for “knowledge”
MalinEnglish for “strong, little warrior”
MalouDutch origin name for “bitter; renowned warrior”
MarcellaLatin for “warlike”
MatildaGerman for “battle-mighty”
MinaDutch for “protector”
MylaGerman for “soldier or merciful”
RosettaGerman for “noted protector”
SandraGreek for “protector of man”
SashaRussian for “defending men”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fighter

CadenThe name that comes from American can be used for a girl as well as for a boy.
EvinIt may sound sweet and short, but this powerful and classic name from England means a strong and feminine fighter.
HeloiseThis beautiful French name has such a mythological and fighter-clan kind of appeal to it.
ImeldaIf you want a name that is at once sweet and powerful, as well as exotic, this Spanish name comes with huge recommendation.
LouellaStrong and feminine, this name from France mixes both the traits with ease.
EvannaThe feminine form of the name Evan refers to a young and brave fighter.
HeilwigThe Old High German name is combined with two different words – heil, which means healthy and wig, which means battle.
HeilwigThe Old High German name is combined with two different words – heil, which means healthy and wig, which means battle.
BorghildrThe Old Norse name sounds as unique and lyrical as it is powerful. It brings to mind the image of a fearless female fighter.
LouisaWhile it does not sound as powerful, the lyrical and pretty name does mean the one who is a strong and valiant fighter.
ZoeCurrently at number 33, this name is the Greek equivalent of fighter.

All of the names shared above have very powerful meanings. From warrior to protector, fighter and survivor, the names are power, fearlessness and indomitable spirit. Read each name individually to understand what it will look like when you say it out loud. Also write down exactly the meaning you are looking for and make your selection accordingly.

Mothers, did you like the names we shared above and do you think they really represent a fighter and a strong spirit? If your child also shares a Baby Warrior name mentioned above, or if your child’s name means any of the above but is not on the list we are sharing, write in the comments below to help other mothers.

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