55+ Courteous Names For Babies Meaning A Gift From The Merciful God

Baby Girl Names That Mean Gift From God

Looking for baby names that mean “gift from God”? Check out these cute names that mean “gift” for your precious child.

A new baby can be considered a gift. It can be a gift from God, a gift of love, or a gift to your family.

As new parents, you can think of the newborn baby as a blessing or a miracle. Maybe your prayers were answered and your family were lucky enough to have a son.

Whether you are a little religious or very religious, there can be many reasons to be inspired to give your baby a name that means “gift from God”. You don’t necessarily have to be a Christian or a Muslim to give your baby a “gift” name.

When looking for a name for a baby, some parents prefer names that mean “a gift from God” and with good reason. After all, babies are truly a gift – a blessing from God. A baby is a miracle that brings happiness into our lives. Not all parents can have a child easily, but when they do, they value the little child and are extremely grateful to God. For this reason, they often use a name that means “gift from God”.

A beautiful name often has a beautiful meaning too, and one of these categories of names is “the gift of God”. nameideasandmeaning brings you over 55 baby names with this meaning.

Names that signify a gift from God can also have spiritual significance. These names also work for boys or girls. For more name ideas, check out the names below.

Gracious Names For Babies That Mean Gift From God

Boy Names That Mean Gift From God
Boy Names That Mean Gift From God

Amazing Boy Names That Mean Gift From God

Your child can be considered a “gift from God” so take a look at these boy names that reflect that.

AdielHebrew for God sent
AnanaGreek for “Given by God”
CorbonHebrew for “Offered from God”
DonatoItalian for “Gift from God”
DorekPolish for “God’s Gift
ElsiGreek for “God’s satisfaction sent to earth”
GaddielHebrew for “Fortune from God”
HannielHebrew for “Grace of God”
HenedadHebrew for “The Grace of the beloved God”
HannoGerman for “Gift from God”
HansSwedish for “Gift sent from God”
Iain/IanScottish for “Gift of the Lord”
IvanRussian for “gracious and born ruler”
JeramiahHebrew for “God has gifted”
JonathanHebrew for “God’s gift”
MattanaHebrew for “A gift from the God that gives”
MateoLatin for “Gift of God”
MikahHebrew for “One who is like God”
MehirHebrew for “Reward from a God”
MikelleLatin for “Gift from God”
Nathanael/NathanielHebrew for “God has given it”
NeoTwainian for “Gift”
SeanIrish for “God is gracious”
ThaddeusAramaic for “Gift from God”
TheoGreek for “Gift of God”
YanisGreek for “Blessing from heaven”
ZebadiahGreek for “God’s gift”
Baby Names That Mean Miracle Or Gift From God
Baby Names That Mean Miracle Or Gift From God

Cute Girl Names That Mean Gift From God

Your child can be considered a “gift from God” so take a look at these boy names that reflect that.

AnyaHebrew for “Jehovah’s cloud”
AlyaArabic for “Sent from Heaven”
AldoraGreek for “Winged gift from God”
CallidoraGreek for “Gift of beauty”
DarinaSlavic for “Gift”
DollyOld English for “Gift from God”
DorindaGreek for “bountiful gift”
DorothyGreek for “Gift from God”
ElidiGreek for “Gift of the sun”
EudoraGreek for “Generous gift”
GiaItalian for “God’s gracious gift”
GodivaOld English for “God’s gift”
HannahHebrew for “Favor of God”
IvaHebrew for “Gift from god”
JanetOld English for “God’s gracious gift”
JayneOld English for “God has shown favor”
JoyceHebrew for “Belonging to God”
JenicaRomanian for ”God is gracious”
JaninaHebrew for “Gift from God”
JenicaRomanian for “God’s gracious gift”
MedoraGreek for “Mother’s gift”
MercedesItalian for “Gracious gifts, benefits”
MieshaSlavic for “God’s gift”
PandoraGreek for “all gifted”
SianWelsh for “God’s gracious gift”
ShaniIrish for “God’s sent this”
TabiaAfrican origin name meaning “talents, gifts”
TheaChristian origin name for “Blessing of the lord”
AtiyahIt means the one who is confident and is a leader, is spiritual, strong and determined.
HibahIt is an Arabic origin name which also means a bequest or a grant.
ShaunaThe name refers to the phrase ‘god is gracious’.
AanshiIt is used to refer to the one who is wished for and is beloved.
AavyaThe name means the first rays of the sun and someone who is beloved.
AishiIt is a Hindu name which means the blessings of the god.
AnumIt means the blessing of god.
DaanyaThe name refers to the one who is beautiful, thankful and lucky.

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